Building Social Networks

A network of private individuals

Many people are interested in public affairs, follow local and national events, but cannot find a community to join. There are even more people who, although they are open and interested in social change, but do not know what they can do about it, so they have become passive citizens. For them, we recommend that they connect to the further construction of our launched “cell-like” network, primarily in order to ensure their information and to present their later options for action. The first task is to organize ourselves and know where our likeminded friends are on a national map.

We are looking for nuclei, organizers who, because of their personal responsibility, want to be more active in order to change the current situation in Hungary. We only record their personal data that they voluntarily provide, we only record the first name, the city where they live, and their zip code of the members of the cell, for the sake of their protection we do not collect sensitive data about them.

We provide the applied activists with methodology and support so that they can, if necessary, mobilize their peers, deliver messages to them, and inform them about the details of actions.

Uniting local communities

We support the cooperation of individual local communities and civil organizations on a territorial
and professional basis, and the establishment of a consultation system, primarily along the platform of the Citizens’ Interests Coordination Council (LÉT), or in connection with the management of current major social problems and crises. We focus primarily on encouraging the creation of local educational round tables (teacher-studentparent), cooperation and helping victims of the crisis.

Network of networks

Recently, many people have realized that networking can be an effective way to achieve their goals. Hungarian civil organizations are starting to develop their own national networks one after the other. All of this along the lines of the organization’s activities, profile, and professionalism, mostly built from above. The Association of Civilians tries to match all these network bubbles, including opening communication channels, setting up negotiation platforms for them and moderating them. Love between them, together with them to create a strong federal framework.

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