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In our country, the preparation of decisions and the whole process of public policy-making is largely closed to the public. There is no real consultation with stakeholders or voters. The institutions of social reconciliation have been emptied out, and the government only conducts sham reconciliations with actors on the same ideological platform. Ex-post impact assessments and evaluations of decisions taken are not public. There is no social control. 

In this situation, it is essential to extend the practice of participation and social control. 

The Civic Federation, in addition to promoting civic participation in local decision-making, is reorganising the Civic Parliament and is developing a Digital Referendum programme to widen participation in decision-making processes.

Civil Services

Only a strong civil society can achieve results in widening social control. This requires not only awareness of interests, but also civic education, public awareness, skills, knowledge, communication opportunities, tools and spaces. Through training and direct consultations, the Civil Service Office helps organising and existing communities to go beyond the theoretical basics of advocacy to help them recruit volunteers, build communities and networks and raise awareness of issues that affect a wide range of people.

The Civil Service Centre, which will be launched in December, will support civil society organisations and communities with a knowledge base, advice, workshops and training. The local and national Student Services and the Teacher-Student-Parent Round Tables offer consultation, problem-solving and representation for education stakeholders.

Building Social Networks

There is less civic activity in the region beyond the capital and the cities, a lack of civic infrastructure, very little or no real physical space for communities to form. There is less opportunity for exchange of experience, community development and improvement through learning about similar problems and solutions. The Association of Civilians believes that connecting individuals, groups, organisations and existing networks helps to identify problems, find solutions and share good practice. We strive to create real communities, friendships, professional and social organisations, based on the same situations, goals and problems, and to start a dialogue, because only together can we move forward. 

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