Encouraging participation

Digital Referendum

Even in the short term, the digital referendum can be a decisive tool for asserting local interests. We are working on the development and introduction of software with which we can assess the opinion of the public on certain social problems, especially local matters.

We will be able to show the people’s position on the given issue in a short period of time and in a cost-saving way, and in relation to the emerging social problems, it will give the opportunity – with all its political weight – to rally the masses behind the expression of the majority will.

Civil Parliament

According to the jointly created rules, the Civil Parliament is made up of factions created by individual social strata and interest groups based on an authentic mandate formation and delegation system. The current parliament and government should conduct a continuous and meaningful dialogue with the various interest groups of the country’s residents, asking for their opinions even during the preparation of the laws to be passed. The most important venue for the implementation of social control will be the Civil Parliament, whose work will be assisted by the country’s best specialists.

Participation in local decisions

Local problems can and should be identified locally, and their solution should be done locally. Our goal is to create local platforms that will be a common opinion-forming forum for the various interest groups of the population, in which the individual interest communities form their positions in an autonomous, democratic and legitimate way. In matters of state competence, we establish national forums (Civil Parliament) and local forums (Civil Interest Conciliation Councils) in the case of local government matters.

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